Growing Outside Ourselves

Deacon Ministry

Deacons are servant leaders ordained to be true and faithful servants to the church congregation – assisting the pastoral staff by ministering to the needs of the church body. From two key passages of scripture we learn many of the responsibilities and qualifications of a deacon – Acts 6:1-5, and 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

Among those qualifications, these men are to be respectable, sincere, sober, honest, loyal, faithful and selfless. Husbands of one wife – who also must be worthy of respect, self-controlled, faithful and trustworthy. Competent in managing their own children and households.

These men are to be full of the Holy Spirit, with their lives reflecting the fruit of the Spirit, and having great assurance and faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Indeed, they are to reflect the nature of Christ in all they do.

As a church we are responsible to pray for, respect, and encourage these men as they work to fulfill their duties as deacons.