Growing Outside Ourselves

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I Survived Relationships

In today’s message, I survived relationships, Brother Eric uses the story of Zacchaeus to show how relationships can be repaired. The relationships that are being repaired are between each other and ultimately between us and God.


In tonight’s service Brother Eric preaches on Gethsemane. He starts out talking about how selfishness is directly opposite of how Jesus’s life was. He talks about how there was so many people preparing for passover. He sets the story of how Jesus is going to pray and knows that he will die in 24 hours.

I Survived Prodigals

In today’s message, I Survived Prodigals, Brother Eric takes a look at the story of Adam and Eve being sent away from the garden. But he shows how man was God’s first prodigal. He then shows what God did to make a way for the prodigal to return.

I Survived Caring For The Aging

Today’s message, I Survived Caring For The Aging, Brother Eric preaches about caring for our aging parents and other aging members. He shows how the Psalmist shows how the elderly can teach the younger generation. The Gospel is for everyone from the womb to the tomb.

I Survived Depression

In today’s message, I Survived Depression, Brother Eric preaches a message out of Psalm and uses David’s experience to show the darkness. This Psalm starts in darkness and ends in darkness. He walks through this showing how God can help during depression.

Silent Treatment

In tonight’s message, Silent Treatment, Brother Eric uses the “silent pair” of Mary and her ointment. She uses an expensive oil to anoint Him. And being in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he sat at meat, there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious; and she brake the box, and poured it…

Shining In The Dark

In tonight’s message, “Shining In The Dark,” Brother Jarman Leatherwood uses this familiar portion of scripture to show how we should be used by God to reach other for Christ. Listen as he preaches about how God does some of his best work at night.

Faith When The Boat Is Being Rocked

In today’s message, “Faith When The Boat Is Being Rocked,” Brother Jarman Leatherwood preached a message about Faith. Using the story in Mark of how Jesus stopped the wind and waves. Listen to the message on how using Faith and believing that Jesus can take care of our issues.