Growing Outside Ourselves

Prepare To Meet God

This study is about the life story of John the Baptist. Bro. Eric will do a deep dive into his life and what he did as a precursor to the arrival of Jesus.

Be The Best Man

Bro. Eric preaches on another message on John the Baptist. Bro. Eric uses this passage to show how instead of the disiples thinking how Jesus is baptizing more than John the Baptist, but instead this is talking about change and transitioning. Keep listening so that we can “Be The Best Man.”

Starting A Jesus Movement

Today’s Message, Starting a Jesus Movement, Bro. Eric looks back during the 1960’s during the time of Hippy’s and Woodstock. He talks about how during that time a man starts a movement where the effects are still being seen today.

Having a Voice

Bro. Eric preaches today about “Having a Voice.” His study on John the Baptist shows how he has a voice. Many people come and here what he has to say and tells everyone about Jesus coming.

Life Sentence

Today’s message, Life Sentence, is the second part of a new series. Bro. Eric is going to preach about the life of John the Baptist