Growing Outside Ourselves

Sermons from April 2023

The Bone Yard

In today’s message, The Bone Yard, Brother Eric preaches and shows how God brings Israel back to him. He also shows how the Holy Spirit was used to make the dry bones alive and shows us what this looks like to us. Listen as he shows God’s amazingness bringing the bones alive.

Manifold Grace

In today’s message, Manifold Grace, Brother Eric preaches and shows how God’s grace brings life giving oxygen into the soul and pulls out all of the poison out of the soul. He shows how every believer has a give that is able to give the grace of God to other people. Watch and listen to how we can receive the Manifold Grace of God.


In today’s message, Brother Eric preaches on the subject of “Heaven.” In the Easter service he shows how because of Jesus’s actions after the cross, it proves that Jesus went to Heaven and proves that there is life after death. Listen to this wonderful message of hope.

The First Supper

In today’s message, The First Supper, Brother Eric uses this passage as a precurser to our Easter week. Today’s message shows about how the Lord’s supper is a staple of the Christian faith. Listen as Brother Eric preaches how Jesus’s last supper is actually the Lord’s supper. And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and…